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Colin Claim can help you with your personal injury compensation!

If, just like Colin Claim, you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault and you live in the East Midlands or Yorkshire then we could get you maximum compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered. The accident might have happened in the last three years but you could still be due compensation.

We work strictly on a No Win No Fee basis which means that you don’t have any money to pay if your claim is not successful and if you do win then we guarantee that you will get to keep 100% of the compensation!

People like Colin Claim can suffer a variety of accidents and injuries and we have expert personal injury solicitors dealing with cases involving:

  • Accidents at work
  • Slips, trips and falls in public places
  • Car accidents and road traffic accidents
  • Supermarket accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Any type of accident where you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence.

We always like to meet up with you and these meetings don’t cost anything. They could be at your home, where you work or we could visit you in hospital. Our highly trained personal injury solicitors are experts in getting maximum compensation for people who have suffered injuries in accidents that weren’t their fault.

Colin Claim recommends The Local Injury Lawyers and Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers and if you have any questions you can call us free at any time of the day on 0800 0193 710 and we will offer some free advice. You can also find out “Can I Claim”,Calculate Compensation and you can find out why working with us it’s always FREE.

We’re here to help the people of the East Midlands & Yorkshire get maximum compensation for accidents and we want to make the whole process as easy as possible. We’re local, friendly and determined to win for you and remember, if you don’t make the call, you won’t win the claim!

Sadly accidents do happen. If you have been injured in any way within the past three years and it wasn’t your fault then you could be entitled to seek compensation. Contact The Local Injury Lawyers today for an informal chat about how we can help and you can also use our online Claims Calculator for an initial estimate of how much you could get as compensation.

Colin Claim advises on accidents at work compensation


An accident at work can happen to pretty much everyone and unfortunately this result in the victim needing to take time off from work because of their injuries. An injury at work might even mean that the victim suffers financial problems and the emotional strain can even make things worse. Shoudl you have had an accident in the work place then The Local Injury Lawyers can help.


Compensation for accidents at work


Compensation is available for people that have been injured at work if the accident wasn't you fault. The law says that you could claim compensation if you can prove that the accident was due to someone else’s negligence. This particular injury in the workplace may have been due to  be due to a workmate. employee, your employer, a supplier or it might even be because of another company based at your workplace.


If you think you might have grounds for an accident claim and for some injury compensation then your employer must make sure you are dealt with in a fair and honest manner and they should be covered for this type of thing with when they take out professional insurance.


How we helping you with your injury at work claims


If you’ve suffered any kind of accident at work then The Local Injury Lawyers could help you to make a claim for 100% compensation using our No Win, No Fee service.


Why not give us a call or fill in a Call Me Back form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Anyone can suffer from some form of accident or negligence that wasn’t their fault. At the Local Injury Lawyers; we give out a wide range of claim advice about minor injuries right through to life changing injuries. If for nay reason you think you’ve suffered some form of Medical Negligence then feel free to call us for a free informal chat about how The Local Injury Lawyers can help with your  compensation claim for medical negligence.

Colin Claims guide to car & road traffic accident compensation


If you are involved in a car accident or road traffic accident it can be a traumatising event. If you have to make any type of car accident claim you will often do it against the insurance company of the person who is responsible for the accident. They will normally put forward the amount of compensation that they deem to be be acceptable shoudl they decide to accept the claim. There are a variety of injuries that can occur in a car or road traffic accident including the likes of Whiplash, bruising, broken boones or cuts. The Local Injury Lawyers regularly help people who havebeen ina wholel host of motoring accidents. This includes motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, bike accidents and any type of incident when peopl have been hurt when it's someone elses fault.


Claiming compensation after your road traffic accident


We know that getting compensation for a car accident won’t really make you feel much better but it can be used to help you recover from injuries suffered in a road traffic accident and could also assit with lost earnings due to these injuries. If you’ve been in any type of road accident as the driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian then The Local Injury Lawyers can offer you free advice on if we think you are eligible to make a car accident compensation claim. 


Why not contact the team any time of the day for some free advice or fill in our Call Me Back form and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Trip, Slip or Fall Accident Compensation


As well as accidents at work, slips, trips and falls are common in public places such as shops, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, public high streets, sports venues  and many others. It could be because of spilt liquids, items that haven’t been cleaned away or even snow & ice that have not been cleared, causing some kind of slipping injury and accident. The Local Injury Lawyers regularly talk to victims of slips, trips or falls which are caused because of uneven or damaged pavements and surfaces and we can help you get 100% compensation for injuries caused by this type of negligence.

The Local Injury Lawyers has lots of experience in getting compensation for a whole host of slipping and tripping accidents so feel to give us a call or you cna fill in our Call Me Back form and we’ll be in touch as quickly as possible to discuss how we can help you claim compensation for a slip, trip or fall.

Call us anytime of the day on 0800 0197 772 Text CLAIM to 84433*